Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

"I really love the Waveweight because of the endless possibilities of functional training that can be achieved. The Waveweight completely revolutionized my training by allowing me to simulate the constantly changing aspect of weight transference in Jiu-Jitsu. I highly recommend the Waveweight to competitors looking to strengthen all of their stabilizing muscles that often get overlooked in most strength training programs. Love the Waveweight!"

Former Division I Athlete, USA Semifinalist

“As a former Pac 12 athlete and USA Semifinalist, discovering the Waveweight for me, represents a breakthrough and a transition.  It's a breakthrough because it's been the perfect tool for building a balanced functional strength in a way that is healthy for my body. Always challenging and engaging my core, the Waveweight is the first piece of equipment that provides me with the burn I want to feel every time by forcing my body to balance the internal movement of water without putting my back, neck, and tendons under the stress of heavy and bulking free weights. It's a welcomed transition for me because it allows me to focus on what my body really needs, healthy and sustainable gains in balance, strength, and functional muscle growth, for all the athletic things I like to do in life in addition to fitness training.”

Gym Goer, Marathon Runner

“I first used the Waveweight some time ago at the Rukkus Training Center. I remember thinking - what the heck is that? It wasn’t until using it that I realized the benefits. It not only enhances your strength, but your stability too. You can take the Waveweight with you anywhere and incorporate it into any workout. It’s easy to modify the weight and really easy to store. I’ve been lucky enough to see the Waveweight transform into what it is today and am now a proud owner of a Waveweight of my own.”

Doctor of Chiropractic, Rehab Director

“Backed by science and by results, the Waveweight is what it says it is. As versatile as it is efficient, with proper use it can address a variety of issues.  Increase strength, find areas of weakness, reveal compensatory movements, address muscular imbalance, tackle impairments in stability… you see it work as much as you feel it work. Having experience in the sports medicine and pain management and rehabilitation setting, I can tell you the Waveweight would benefit anyone from those in therapy for an injury/pathology to those looking to simply elevate the aesthetics aspect of their fitness. The amount of neuro-muscular control needed to effectively operate the Waveweight is great.  Therefore, if you have an underlying injury or pathology, please contact your physician before use and adjust the weight in accordance to your own ability. I highly recommend the Waveweight and I am sure we will see this product in rehab clinics and gyms alike.”

M.S. Physical Education, Master of Martial Arts

“I would like to formally endorse the Waveweight. I have personally used a prototype at the Rukkus Training Center and have most recently purchased my own. The product is safe and easy to manipulate. I can honestly say that I have abandoned all of my weight bearing exercise equipment and solely use the Waveweight for circuit training, yoga and martial art practice.”

Fitness Coach

"The waveweight has been an amazing tool for my clients and myself! It advances your performance in training, sports, and everyday functionality! I love that core is utilized and challenged in every movement! Your muscles are constantly firing to balance the water while performing each exercise! You need the waveweight if you are looking to perform better, look better, have an edge over the competition, and most importantly have fun while training!"