The Waveweight is made with LDPE. Low Density Polyethylene is resistant to impact (doesn’t break easily), moisture (water proof), and chemicals (resistant to many hazardous materials).

Know it or not, you likely use LDPE every day, for many very good reasons. For example, let’s say you need to carry something home from your trip to the store (shopping bags). You may want to supply your child’s lunch with a non-refrigerated drink (juice boxes or “aseptic” packaging). Or your child may like playing make believe (toys). And, of course, nobody wants to grab naked copper electrical wire (insulation on electrical wires and cables).

Plus, there are many industrial and agriculture uses, particularly as plastic film and packaging used to protect all sorts of products.

It’s worth stopping for a second and noting the sustainability benefits of plastics used in packaging, in particular really lightweight plastic film, one of the major uses of LDPE. Plastic packaging is becoming increasingly recognized for its contributions to sustainability. The very nature of plastics – lightweight yet strong – makes them ideal for all sorts of packaging and helps minimize the environmental impact of the packaging.

For example, a 2014 study conducted by Franklin Associates, A Division of Eastern Research Group (ERG) looked at six common packaging categories (including film/wraps) found that replacing existing plastic packaging in the U.S. with non-plastic alternatives could:

  • require 4.5 times more packaging material by weight,
  • increase energy usage by 80 percent
  • result in 130 percent more global warming potential.

Wow. Those are big numbers. Plastic packaging clearly can deliver more goods with significantly less waste, energy use, and global warming potential.

Many items made with LDPE are collected for recycling in communities across the nation. Rigid LDPE products (bottles, containers, lids, caps, etc.) typically are collected in curbside recycling programs.

When recycled, LDPE is given a second chance to live on as other useful products, such as:

  • Shipping envelopes
  • Garbage can liners
  • Floor tile
  • Paneling
  • Furniture
  • Compost bins
  • Trash cans
  • Landscape timber
  • Outdoor lumber

Recycling LDPE and other plastics can help lighten our load on the environment. How? The Environmental Protection Agency states that recycling in America significantly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and can create more and better jobs than landfilling.

LDPE continues to deliver more goods with less waste, energy use, and global warming potential than alternatives.


Information taken from Plastics Make It Possible, © 2010-2019 American Chemistry Council, Inc. All Rights Reserved. America's Plastics Makers™, Franklin Associates (ERG)