Inspired by the belief that as fitness and athletic training evolve, so should the equipment. 

Current methods and technology to train and transform our bodies to become bigger, faster and stronger have improved exponentially in recent years, while the equipment to do so simply has not. True innovation in training equipment has been stifled by countless useless gadgets, quick-fix gimmicks and clever marketing attempts to merely re-brand existing products.

The rise in popularity of sport-specific, functional movement and CrossFit type integration training has led us to a point where traditional weightlifting alone is simply no longer enough to be competitive in today’s fitness and athletic landscape.  The future of fitness and athletic training demands a tool that can seamlessly integrate into any training approach and produce definitive results superior to the previously established standards.

Dynamic Resistance

It’s groundbreaking fluid dynamic resistance system creates a “de-stabilizing” effect transforming the simplest exercise into exceptionally challenging and beneficial training experiences. This “de-stabilizing” effect caused by a constant fluctuation of mass distribution throughout a given movement has shown to better prepare users for in game and real life challenges compared to conventional static weigh training.

Every movement when using the Waveweight, whether a simple bicep curl or a more complex overhead squat, requires the cooperation of your entire body.  Every rep simultaneously strengthens your core, improves your structural stability and enhances your proprioception, resulting in functional, applicable, real-world fitness. Training your body as a cohesive unit rather than independently operating parts has also been proven to result in increased calorie expenditure, cardiovascular fitness and improved efficiency of movement. 

Scientifically Proven

Utilizing water as a dynamic and unpredictable workload, the Waveweight forces its user to constantly adapt to an ever-changing resistance. The unpredictable nature of the Waveweight’s dynamic resistance is scientifically proven to generate muscle engagement 2 to 3 times that of traditional weightlifting.


Engineered with all types of users in mind, the Waveweight’s ease of use allows for application by athletes of all strength and skill levels.  With each tube allowing for up to 12 pounds of water, the Waveweight can provide you with a dynamic workload ranging from 11 pounds (when dry) to 35 pounds.

The option to incorporate alternative substances such as sand; oil or even marbles allows or even further customization of your Waveweight training applications

Portable and space-saving

Measuring 52” x 11.5”, the Waveweight’s compact design allows for quick and easy storage, perfect for travel.  Effortlessly fitting into the trunk of a car, in a closet or underneath a bed, the Waveweight allows you to redefine your fitness anytime, anywhere.


Constructed of eco-friendly material and eliminating the need for any weight plates, bars or clips makes the Waveweight an environmentally conscious and sustainable product.  Recyclable and virtually indestructible, one is all you will ever need.

Supreme adaptability and infinite training applications make the Waveweight the “Swiss Army Knife” of fitness.

Whether you are recovering from injury, building a better body or training for a particular athletic event, no other training tool on the market offers more versatility. The Waveweight’s cutting edge, multi-patented design allows it to be effortlessly incorporated into any existing athletic or fitness training program.