Frequently Asked Questions about the Waveweight

Product Information

The beauty of the Waveweight is that it can be used however you see fit. Its unlimited versatility allows you to apply the dynamic resistance to a traditional exercise such as the bicep curl or to use your imagination and innovation to create your own multi-muscle engaging movements. Please refer to for examples.

The Waveweight weighs approximately 11 pounds when empty.

Black end caps will be available for purchase soon and will be sold separately.

Shipping Information

We ship our products with UPS Ground and should take about 3-5 business days to arrive.

Filling Your Waveweight

Each tube holds approximately 12 pounds of water when filled entirely.

The total working water weight range is approximately 11 to 35 pounds (weight will vary when filling with any other substance other than water).

Increase water visibility in the tubes by adding food coloring to the water.

We have conducted extensive research and testing proving water to be the ideal substance for use with the Waveweight. Using other substances can provide a different training experience but is not recommended.

If you’re not happy with a certain product, that’s okay! We just ask that returned items be 50% intact and returned with their original packaging. You can return items up to 30 days after the date it was shipped.