Brian Kachevas

Waveweight User, Rukkus Trained

The Waveweight is a simple yet effective piece of gym equipment. Fill it with enough water to get your desired weight and you are ready to go. The exercises with the Waveweight are limitless. I have trained with it as a station in a circuit and have used it for entire workouts. The degree of difficulty is up to you. You don’t need to slap on extra weight or move faster to make it more challenging. Simply narrowing your grip and letting the water completely fill the opposite end of the Waveweight creates a whole new level of resistance.

I have seen and felt the effects of adding the Waveweight into my training. I like to use the Waveweight in place of a medicine ball as I am able to perform the same movements while exerting much more effort to keep it balanced. As you twist, hold, press and move you still have to carry the weight of the water and you also need to make adjustments as it shifts from end to end. These extra movements used to balance the water aren’t found in any other equipment that I know of. These additional movements are what beat me up and make me push harder to finish. Going back to using a medicine ball and performing the same movements is a breeze. I feel the extra burn from the Waveweight and know it is making me stronger especially in my core.

I am extremely satisfied with this piece of equipment. The Waveweight is a great addition to any gym, home or commercial. I can’t express how happy I have been with the results and how easy it is to work into my training sessions.